Domain redirection

Good evening, I have two domains registered in Cloudflare today, one .com and one, both have dozens of subdomains and this is giving me a reasonable job to keep it.

In case when I need to add a new subdomain I have to go and create an A or CNAME entry in both the .com and, the same happens when I need to change this value.

I would like to know if using Cloudflare free I apply a rule in .com and it automatically replicate to

Also, do you know if I can use the “Page Rules” option when trying to access a domain does it automatically redirect to .com?

Thanks for your help.

Those two domains are completely separate here. What you do to one, you’ll have to do to the other.

It sounds like you want one to be a CNAME of the other, but still respond as the .br (or .com). That’s going to be a lot of work, but you can automate it with some API scripts.

Well, I did a lot of research and did not find anything ready to do this duplicate entries work, however I got a way to migrate all sites from to .com using Page Rules.

Thanks anyway for the help.

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