Does Cloudflare Provide Hosting?

Cloudflare free plan.
Cloudflare made me changing my name servers
But my site is on wordpress so
Does Cloudflare Provide hosting services for free?
And if i changed my name server
Would i lose my ssl?

Cloudflare is not a host. Cloudflare’s basic service is a DNS provider, where you simply point to your existing host. Additionally you can, if you want, tunnel your requests through their proxy servers and gain the security and performance features they offer in this context.

As for SSL, you wont lose anything, you actually need to make sure you still keep it on your server.

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Cloudflare made me changing my name servers which was hosting my wordpress account.
should i change my website name servers back?
Or how can i put my wordpress site on my godaddy site while my name servers are connected to Cloudflare?
Thank you.

You need to have your nameservers point to Cloudflare in order to use the service. If you change them back Cloudflare cant work for you.

As for setting it up, please refer to the documentation →

I know i need a host
And a host Require to put my name servers on my domain Provide (godaddy)
But Cloudflare nameservers are my nameservers now instead of my host.
How can i put my website which is on wordpress to my domain on godaddy while my nameservers on godaddy are the Cloudflare nameservers and not my host’s?
Should i change my nameservers? Or how can i publish my site?

Please dont double post.

Everything you asked in described in the aforementioned link. You still need a host and you will need to point the DNS settings at Cloudflare to that host.

I heared that Cloudflare have hosting partners.
How can i know them so i connect with them?

There are certain hosts who partner with Cloudflare but all that means is that they offer a default integration. Personally I would not restrict myself to those hosts.

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Thank you for helping me

In short, pick a good host, then set up your domain following the documentation and the tutorials here in the forum, and you should be good to go.

Which form?
And okey i found a good host how can i connect it ?
I am in the dns records page.
What should i do?

You need to read the links I posted earlier.

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