DNS Resolution Error

DNS resolution error 1001. GoDaddy is saying that everything is fine on their end. Our hosting service is saying the IP is correct.

We keep getting this, but the website is not with cloudflare. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Loads fine for me, perhaps clear browser cache @fordsmichael?

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It seems that www.collegeadmissions.com is configured as a CNAME to collegeadmissions.org.

www.collegeadmissions.com. 3600 IN      CNAME   collegeadmissions.org.
;; Received 89 bytes from in 24 ms

collegeadmissions.org however, is using Cloudflare proxy, so you cannot CNAME to it.

collegeadmissions.org.  3600    IN      NS      algin.ns.cloudflare.com.
collegeadmissions.org.  3600    IN      NS      lorna.ns.cloudflare.com.
;; Received 107 bytes from 2001:500:f::1#53(d0.org.afilias-nst.org) in 32 ms

collegeadmissions.org.  300     IN      A
collegeadmissions.org.  300     IN      A
;; Received 82 bytes from in 16 ms

This seems to be incorrect and I have no idea how @cloonan was able to load your site.

collegeadmissions.com however is redirecting to www.collegeadmissions.org, which in turn CNAMEs to target.clickfunnels.com. Maybe this is what @cloonan saw?


Yes it is, good catch!

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The most common instance of this I see is that your target in DNS in Cloudflare for this hostname is likely a CNAME run by someone else and that hostname failed to resolve for Cloudflare when the request came in. So if your site points to ff.shopify.com (for example) and for some reason Cloudflare can’t resolve that 3rd party domain name you’ll receive this error.

Sometimes this is just a glitch because it’s DNS and well DNS is DNS. If it is a consistent error it may be a ‘real’ issue with the target server’s DNS in which case you will want to talk to the provider of the domain.


Thank you all!

So what I’m gathering - this is a go daddy issue since they provided the domain?

Well, that’s hard to say.

Your website host needs to supply you with either A/AAAA or a CNAME record. You then enter this record with your nameserver provider.

The nameserver provider would usually be the company from which you bought your domain, but you might have changed it. You are currently using ns33.domaincontrol.com, which indeed belongs to GoDaddy.

If your website and nameservers are at the same company, they would also usually create the necessary records for you. Otherwise, this is something you have to do for yourself.

Now, based on your previous post, it seems you want to use Cloudflare. In that case, you have to follow this guide first Add a site · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs and then change your nameservers in the GoDaddy menu to the ones provided by Cloudflare.

When you have done this, you need to delete the A, AAAA and CNAME records for collegeadmissions.com and create new A records with the names @ and www and your IP address as content.

After this is complete, you can post here again and we can look at your SSL configuration.

If you don’t want to use Cloudflare, you might want to take a look at Edit an A record | Domains - GoDaddy Help US.

When Cloudflare acts as a proxy you will see Cloudflare IP addresses instead of the origin IP addresses. This is how Cloudflare provides security and performance services to hostnames. If you don’t want the IP address to be proxied on Cloudflare when using it for DNS you would set the records to DNS only.

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Thank you!

I have moved the DNS back to cloudflare - still having trouble though. Can you possibly look into the SSL?

There are two txt lines that keep popping back up in my dns record.

Please let me know. Thank you!

The txt in question -

Content is MS = ms77804939


Content for the second line I don’t recognize:
v=spf1 include:server.net-all

No, you have not, you are still using GoDaddy nameservers. You need to replace these 2 nameservers in your GoDaddy menu with the 2 nameservers provided by Cloudflare.

collegeadmissions.com.  172800  IN      NS      ns33.domaincontrol.com.
collegeadmissions.com.  172800  IN      NS      ns34.domaincontrol.com.
;; Received 190 bytes from 2001:500:d937::30#53(l.gtld-servers.net) in 28 ms

You can check at Whois collegeadmissions.com, the nameservers haven’t changed since November 2022.

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Sorry…I changed them to the cloudflare nameservers a few hours ago. Looks like it could take up to 24 hours to update.

No, this wouldn’t take longer than a minute.

Your previous post claims that you also switched to Cloudflare nameservers on June 17th, but as you can see in the Whois data, the nameservers haven’t changed since 2022.

Can you share a screenshot of the menu where you changed your nameservers?

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Actually, I see just now that the whois data for collegeadmissions.com shows clientUpdateProhibited. This means you cannot change your nameservers. You probably need to contact GoDaddy to find out why.
This may also just be how GoDaddy does things.

The screenshot I have asked for in my previous post would still be helpful, though.

Thanks again. I’ll contact GoDaddy again.

Here’s the screenshot!

That looks correct. You definitely need to contact GoDaddy then to find out why your changes are not implemented.

Thank you!

I got through to them…they had to unlock the domain.
I’m wondering if that was the problem all along…
He said it could take 7-10 days before it fully transfers to cloudflare.

Unlocking and transferring sounds like a registrar change. This would mean that you pay Cloudflare for the domain in the future.

Only changing the nameservers still shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes.

So maybe I did the wrong thing?
If they unlocked the domain, this should work?

I’ll figure out the rest of the parts of the process if the entire thing transfers.

I just want the site to work!