DNS problem

I canot point to Cloudflare DNS. I think there is a problem in hosting the site, how do I know where the problem is?

How should we know? Please provide a more detailed description and what your are trying to do. Along with error messages or problems you’re facing.

I´ve bought the domain in one provider and the hosting in another and both are evading their responsibilities. How should the cPanel configuration be done so I can help them set up. They do not give me error messages, they just do not want to do it.

Depending on who is eventually responsible I’d definitely switch that provider.

Considering it does not seem to be Cloudflare related however, it would be a bit beyond the scope of this forum. If you claim it is Cloudflare related you would need to explain what it is you are trying to do.

How should the cPanel configuration be done?

Are you trying to use Cloudflare services to cache and secure you site? If so, here’s a good start:

Is your domain on Cloudflare? Which domain is it?

Ok, it is ready but it is not working and the provider said: - The DNS that was passed to us is not configured correctly to accept your domain. This is because the hosting server has not set up properly to accept your domain. Registration.br does a previous search on the server before allowing modification of DNS addresses. If the domain is not configured on the source server, it does not allow DNS exchange. The message you are reporting is:

“Error: Unknown domain”

Please contact your hosting to resolve the issue and advise that the server’s DNS is without authority over your domain. "

Yes, It is. The domain is www.internetearte.com.br

First of all, that is not related to, so the categorisation is wrong.

Second, your domain seems to be already set up with Cloudflare and got the nameservers jay and zara assigned. Are these the ones listed in your control panel?

If so, you need to change them first with your registrar.

The domain is already set up with Cloudflare but the nameservers jay and zara aren´t assigned:
The server’s DNS is without authority over my domain.

Well, you need to assign them.

Yes, I need to assign them but the server’s DNS is without authority over my domain.

You need to rephrase that, I am not sure what you are trying to say.

You need to go to your registrar and change the nameservers of your domain to those provided by Cloudflare.

When I try to do this I get an error message and when I ask the technical support they answer with this that me and you canot understand.

What message and what answer?

Message: Error
Technical support answer: The server’s DNS is without authority over your domain.

In my opinion I have to configure the Zone Editor in cPanel.

That is not much of a message.

You would need to clarify with them what they mean. All you have to do is assign jay and zara as nameservers. If your registrar refuses to do so you might want to transfer your domain to another.

Changing nameserver should be a matter of two minutes.

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