DKIM error

Hi, i am quite new here. I need to create a new DNS record for Mailrelay. It is asking to add a DKIM record: “ CNAME”, but when i try to add a new DNS like TXT or CNAME i always get an error of DNS validation (Code:1004)

What am i doing wrong?
How can i add this record?

Thanks a lot!

A DKIM record is a TXT record, not a CNAME.

Can you post an actual screenshot of what you are trying to add?

Hi, thanks for your reply, today i have tryed to add the same DKIM register in the same way that i did yesterday and with TXT, and this time i didn´t get the 1004 error, so it seems it is all right now.

However i attach 2 screens to show the TXT registers that i have added for the SPF and DKIM, just to confirm that they are done right.

Thanks a lot!

There is no SPF record in your screenshot and the presumable DKIM entry is not a DKIM entry either, but a misconfigured CNAME.

You seemingly want a CNAME named “ipz._domainkey” with as value. So delete these two TXT records and create a CNAME accordingly instead.

I succed to add the DKIM register but still having problems to add the SPF

This is how i try to add the entrie but i get an error. If i try with @ or WWW, in name it works but it doesn´t do anything in mailrelay.

This is the register that the Mailrelay system ask to add: TXT v=spf1 a mx ?all

Thanks for your help.

For the SPF, add a TXT record with Name @, which means the main domain not a subdomain, and Content v=spf1 a mx ?all

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