Decrease in performance once I activate Cloudflare

I am wondering if anyone out there can help.

My host is Siteground and if I run a speed test using I get a speed of 94 which I am very happy about and would like to keep.
However to make my site https:// I use Cloudflare and this works well except that when Cloudflare is activated my Pingdom speed score immediately drops to 73.
Am I doing something wrong?
Is there something that I can do to keep https:// and my high 94 speed score?

Thanks in advance


As odd as it sounds, I’ve seen (some) sites load faster with lower grades. So pay close attention to Load times. As for getting the score back up. That will require a lot of tweaking with a cache plugin, Cloudflare Page Rules, Speed & Cache settings and recommend doing most testing in Development mode.

I just started using Cloudflare yesterday on my WP site, and my site speed dropped down to almost nothing:

I did this to get a free SSL certificate, but at what cost?

like @Withheld said, score is nothing you need to pay more attention to actual number than their score, but you didnt have said what have been changed,what pingdom say the problem is? what was loading time before what after? whats taking more time?

you gave 0 info, so every help you will get is just guessing

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I had a quick look at your GTmetrix report and none of the the issues are related to Cloudflare. Some of the biggest offenders slowing your site and score is the 80+ external requests to Google and the chat and 26 other DNS lookups. There is 3 redirects too. If you fix your image size issues, you can reduce your page size by 60% which would be huge gains in load times.

Have a closer look at the report and beside each item in red, have a look at their recommendations.

thanks for your reply- what should I do with 80 external requests to Google?

First off, manually reduce your image sizes. If you decide to use a image optimization plugin, uninstall when finished to avoid using more resources.

Setup a Forwarding (URL Redirection) Page Rule for to this should shave 5+ seconds. If you do this, you’ll need to update Google and Bing search engine listings so the don’t get 302 redirects from www every time they index your site.

You’ll need to closely examine GTmetrix recommendations and as @boynet2 mentioned, have a look at Pingdom Tools. You’ll see the external scripts, font’s and need to determine which plugins/scripts you can live with or without.

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