Css not Working

Hey there can anyone help wy Cloudflare broken my css
I’m changing my site css cuz of this problem I’m using html
Same page is broken css

What is the domain that has the broken CSS?

Only same page is broken

Your site looks fine to me

Maybe it is cached for you somewhere

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Can you click ipa library and open Unc0ver page

I went on your site with browser isolation on and got all these pop-ups

Once I was able to close all of those then your links to the page are broken.

I am no longer going to be helping you as your site contains too much spam and deceitful popups.


Sorry for that bro I will remove all pp ads css is now working again I don’t know why same time is broke

I agree. Sorry, @omranmohammedsaad, but the forum here is not for phishing or similar activities.

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