Cname record issue


I have created a cname record in my other server. ex. pointing to the domain i mange the dns with Cloudflare. Ex.

I tried to set the cname to point to my doma5in Cloudflare but it doesnt work

Can someone advise the correct setup on Cloudflare user panel?

And now post the actual hostnames.

I created mytrip.lametayel-thailand to point to on my server

And on Cloudflare i manage

mytrip.lametayel-thailand is not a domain and if it is a hostname of your .com domain, then you did not configure it.

Anyhow, if these are two different domains, it will only work if they are part of the same Cloudflare account.

Yes sorry its

That domain is not on Cloudflare and hence that CNAME record cannot work for aforementioned reason.

I have pointed it to in my other server

And i see it show msg from Cloudflare when i open the url

But i dont know how to set it up from now

Addressed in my response.

I thought that all the purpose of cname is that you can use domain from server a and point it to antoher domain in server b.

I did it with other service providers i have

The point of a CNAME record is to point a hostname to another hostname instead of an IP address.

As already mentioned, with Cloudflare this will only work if both domains are on Cloudflare. You can also check out Cloudflare for SaaS ยท Cloudflare for Platforms docs but it will be easier to simply add the domain.

Alternatively, you can unproxy your main domain.

Unproxy main domain, you mean the one on Cloudflare. Or

The one on Cloudflare of course.

Ok thanks ill try

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