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Our site is configured with an Amazon CloudFront CDN for images and our website sourcecode points to AWS cdn url directly for example and we´ve moved our DNS to Cloudflare, but don´t know if is possible to change cludfront url with Cloudflare one… is this possible or how should I configure that ?
Thanks in advance

You can certainly keep using your Cloudfront setup. There’s not a “Cloudflare” CDN URL.

Cloudflare is more of a “Pull” CDN for your entire website. It can automatically cache static assets based upon file extension without a special URL, as long as it’s within your domain.

For example: won’t be cached, but will be “Pull-cached” as it’s delivered to your visitor. The next visitor will get the cached version of the file.

Thanks for your prompt answer.
Woud be great to have a Cloudflare cdn URL also because this way your site clasify better because of non cookie domain for statick content… but… anyway very clear your answer. Thanks !
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