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We will soon be launching a very limited beta for Cloudflare Workers. If you are interested in applying to participate in that beta, you can do that here.

To learn more about what Cloudflare Workers is, you can read this recent post from our blog.

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We launched a very limited beta for Cloudflare Workers. If you signed up for the beta and looking to see how you can get the most out of workers, you are at the right place. The entire Workers team is hanging out here to answer questions and help you get set up.

Please check out our docs to get started and let us know any feedback, good or bad, about your experience.

If you haven’t signed up for the beta, you can do it here.


Wanted to note that worker function uploads will be necessary - I’m planning to use Workers to isomorphically render a JSON API to HTML using React server side rendering. The function really isn’t going to fit on the console.


Hi @services3!

How big is your function (in MB)?



I tried to upload a function of 800kb using the console. Sadly I got a timeout on the api around 10s.


The purpose was uploading the zxcvbn library in cloudflare workers


Hi @baloo we will soon publish an API that you can use to upload large scripts. For now, you can use a REST API for zxcvbn to use it. I know it’s not as fast as using the local version but we will let you know as soon as the API is available.

Thanks for your patience!

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Gzipped, about 150KB - non Gzipped, about 1MB or so. Sounds like a lot, but this is par for the course for React apps.


Hi @baloo! We just released our docs to upload Worker code using ‘curl’ from the command line.

Can you give it a shot now and see if it works?


Hi @irtefa, any chance I could get access to the beta or is it closed now? I asked for access waaaay back when you first announced the project and then again this week but never received a reply (which is odd as with other betas such as CAA I heard back pretty quickly). I would love to trial a few things as if this works the way I think it will it would stop me having a lot of work to do on a couple of my sites when it becomes live.


@irtefa According to those API docs there’s one script per zone_id, but when I use the script editor and save the script in one zone, if I go to another zone the script has been updated there as well. It’s like only one script is allowed per account. Is this by design or by accident?


Hi @saul! Stay tuned for the invite in the next few days!


Hi @dan42! We are looking into it.


I am not able to save a script - 403 response from the API

{code: 10015, message: “edgeworkers.api.error.not_entitled”}


Hi @z.knops! It looks like you don’t have access to the beta yet. Did you receive an email to opt-in to the beta?


Yes, you confirmed it on the 23rd

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