Cloudflare Worker as proxy

I have found a file on GitHub:
This Cloudflare Worker code can relay network requests through the Cloudflare Worker, in other words, it can be used as a proxy.
Since most of the users of this project are Chinese, I am worried whether this project will cause the quality of Cloudflare China network to decline.
I want to know whether using Cloudflare Worker as a network proxy violates the ToS. Is there a difference between personal use and public use? Thank you!


Cloudflare has hundreds of developers and engineers dedicated to maintaining the performance of their network. And the China network is run and managed by Cloudflare partners

Anyone running workers on the Cloudflare China Network which you’ve expressed concerns about will have an Enterprise License Agreement with it’s own contract language.


This is also not the first time this repository has featured in a post on these forums.