Cloudflare websocket limits

Recently I have been getting 503 errors from Cloudflare when opening websockets, but only in certain regions. According to it is datacenter rate limiting:

< HTTP/1.1 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable 
< Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2019 00:07:15 GMT 
< Content-Type: text/html 
< Transfer-Encoding: chunked 
< Connection: keep-alive 
< Set-Cookie: __cfduid=<snip>; expires=Tue, 21-Jan-20 00:07:15 GMT; path=/; domain=<snip>; HttpOnly 
< Server: Cloudflare 
< CF-RAY: <snip>
<head><title>503 Service Temporarily Unavailable</title></head> 
<body bgcolor="white"> 
<center><h1>503 Service Temporarily Unavailable</h1></center> 

This happens around ~14k open websockets globally, on the free tier. The documentation for websockets unhelpfully lists the free tier as limited to a “low” number of concurrent connections. Does anyone have any approximate numbers for websocket limits on pro or business plans? I would prefer not to commit to buying a paid plan without knowing whether it will solve the resource limits I am hitting.

I guess @cloonan or @cs-cf can help a bit more. Maybe try contacting support.

What kind of websocket count are you expecting?

Hi. I’ve had a support ticket open since Jan 20 without a reply. As a guess, maybe 30k?

Post the ticket number here, @cloonan will take a look at that as well.

Let’s see what they can say about that. I don’t have tested this.

Hi @adam7, yes I see the ticket and issue, it does appear to be a limitation with us and I’m digging into it with the team. Sorry for the difficulty you are facing, I apologize.

I have the same problem last 2 days. Did somebody help you?

They replied to me today, and said Pro gives roughly a 5x increase over Free tier, and business a similar increase.

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