CloudFlare Support Email


Does anyone know about cloudflare support email? I want to report a bug that I found. Maybe this bug is very important and can cause harm.



The page always turns me to another page.


What do you mean by “other page”? Can you post a screenshot of what you get?



Thats the right page.


That’s quite confusing.

‘Get more help’ indicates that you will be redirected to the KB. But it isn’t. It will open a new window and present suggestions for KB articles while you’re writing down your problem. You can create a ticket there.


Hi @AhmdddFsyaaah, sorry you’re having an issue and thank you for helping to make us better by reporting it! As background only, here are some details for the ticket, Report a Bug to Cloudflare. The link at the bottom of that page takes you through the same workflow @MarkMeyer describes.

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