Cloudflare Strange Bug


So I saw that really strange bug that happens to me on Cloudflare, so basically you see this ?

When I click with my mouse on an icon and that I try to move it left or right with having my mouse button clicked it makes my whole PC lag even my browser and my mouse cursor, when stopping it it comes back to normal.


Haven’t tried with OPERA | SAFARI | Other missing browsers…

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Can confirm that on Firefox. Trying to drag one of the pictures makes the CPU utilisation suddenly jump up. Are there maybe anywhere any drop areas?

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Just tried it again on firefox and it does make my CPU go higher, tried to drag one of those icons left and right and does it.

Just saw something else : When leaving the browser while dragging and going on another task it doesn’t lag for a millisecond and then it start lagging again, same when coming back to the main task.

any help ?

Not dragging the icon? :laughing:

Why is it an issue?

It’s actually an issue to their site that they need to fixe, I don’t see why isn’t it an issue ?

Again, what exactly is the issue? These icons are not supposed to be dragged around. I am not saying they shouldnt fix whatever there might need to be “fixed” whenever they have spare time, but I wouldnt really call it an issue.

Okay please just stop typing you are saying non-sense.

Whaaaat? I asked you a question which you apparently do not want to address. What is the bloody issue here? An increase in CPU usage when you play around with icons?! CPU immediately goes back to normal once you release that poor icon.

Click the icons - as intended - and dont try to fool around with them. They obviously dont like it :wink:

I’m reporting it because it’s STILL AN ISSUE don’t you understand this ? I don’t care if I don’t need to drag them it’s STILL AN ISSUE and needs to be fixed do you understand this ? This platform is made for BUG REPORTS and HELP that’s what it was made for so please stop saying useless things now.

I’ve been trying this on my MacBook Pro with Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. There’s a little bit of a CPU spike, but no lagging. It behaves similarly to any other on-screen link I try to drag around. The image drags around and if I drag it to the desktop, it just shows up as a WEBLOC.

What’s interesting, though, is that that “dragged image” pops up from the edge of my screen. And not from the same place. It comes from an edge point that somewhat corresponds to the icon’s position in the icon bar. I’m not sure what this behavior signifies.

There’s definitely something interesting going on here.

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I tried it on windows and my browser goes from 10% to 33% and my PC really feels laggy like when playing a audio sound and doing this it makes the audio lag alot that it’s not even audible, and my cursor is moving really slowly like it’s freezing

This sounds like a Service Worker.
It looks like Cloudflare isn’t using a Service Worker so maybe it’s the SVG somehow.

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