CloudFlare + SEO

Hello Guys,

this is my first message, nice to meet you.

I’ve nevere used Cloudflare before. I’m here beacuse i would lile to speed-up my site and google bring me to cdn and to Cloudflare.

I ve created an account and installed the plugin (configured with API key),

Now, all the traffic from my site came from google organic with a long SEO work.

I really don’t want to loose traffic becaus I did something wrong.

I know that my site is [https://]domain and also if i check for [https://]www.domain it’ll be a redict with [https://]domain

It could be a problem?

I’m doing somenting wrong that could create me problem with SEO creating this account on Cloudflare and installing the wordpress plugin?

Should I know and do somenthing important?

Your content and URLs are not changing so you will not lose any SEO.

Your redirect is fine, and is proper to consolidate SEO and avoid duplicate content.

After speeding up your site, you should get a slight boost in SEO.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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