Cloudflare PHP SDK roadmap / maintained

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I have actively been using the Cloudflare PHP SDK for the last 3 years for maintaining a larger enterprise subscription with hundreds of zones for one of our clients.

When working with the SDK and API am I now and then discovering endpoints not supported by the SDK. I always invest work time in adding the missing methods / endpoints (e.g. LogPush, Certificate Transparency Monitoring etc.), add unit tests and submit pull requests, but it looks like no one is actively maintaining the PHP SDK it self nor maintaining the issue or pull request queues. For example is the unit tests failing on PHP 7.4 and the SDK is not supported on PHP 8.

Any one with insights about the PHP SDK? Is it a dead fish or what is the plan?

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There are some large updates coming to the API, schemas, and associated SDKs soon. The PHP SDK definitely isn’t dead, so I’d be on the lookout for some announcements in the next little while.

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Well, here we are in January 2023 and the SDK still wasn’t updated since 2021.

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