Cloudflare Mobile App



Would this be something that’s in the pipeline?


In case you want to experience the app version, you can checkout progressive app of cloudflare.


How to access progressive app of cloudflare?


For that, open cloudflare community website into your mobile and then you will be prompted for add to home screen or else go to browser settings and choose add to home screen, then go to your mobile home screen and there you can locate the progressive app.

Note that for now, it is available for chrome, Firefox and safari only.


I thought the discussion is for Cloudflare mobile app for managing Domain from Control Panel.


I don’t want to view the website in mobile, I was asking about a mobile app for cloudflare to change domain settings etc.


@danstock I don’t know that it’s high in our current dev backlog, but I’ll add your request to those customers who were asking for it. I haven’t tried it, but there is a 3rd party app out there which provides some functionality:

From your perspective what would be the key features or use cases you’d be looking for from a mobile app to manage Cloudflare?


Hi! I’m the developer of the iOS App Orange Cloud. You can update DNS records, view analytics, configure page rules, and update various site settings using the app.

I’d love for you to give it a try and let me know what you think, here are 5 promo codes (first come first serve):



Just a quick note here: the web application works fairly well from a mobile browser. Not an app, per se, but you can save it to your home screen.


Almost makes me wish I had an iPhone. :wink:


Things like page rules are the main thing I’d like to be able to toggle on and off in a mobile app.

I don’t really want to use a third party app for security reasons as my site deals with high volume high value transactions.


Out of curiosity, what is it about the “toggle” experience in the mobile version of the site that is causing you difficulties? Just slow? Is it hanging on page load?


It’s slow and if you click more than one before its finished it returns an
error, I would also like to be able to group page rules as well so I can
turn on all my “maintenance” rules in one go.

Stuart Campbell
Digital Solutions Design Lead
Information Management & Technology


I tested. It is very slow. Why? :frowning_face:


It’s kinda slim pickings on the iOS store for any cloudflare apps, but I’ve tried them all and the best is probably Cirrus which seems to have the most functionality, and gets updated the most, the others are like no activity in a year or more. Anyways this is what I use instead of having to log in on Cloudflares page on my mobile, the apps tab never works, and DNS now as well throws some TTL error when making any changes in DNS. Also PWA isn’t really an app solution lol.