Cloudflare is blocking a resource causing it to be http, not https

I am getting a message that says that a resource (banner on my blog) of mine is not http. My tech person says that Cloudflare is blocking the image and it is not an issue on my site.

It sounds like you have an HTTPS site, but with an HTTP image. That would be a Mixed Content error:

What’s the page URL with the issue?

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Yes, it’s a mixed content issue, but my tech person says it is not my site but that Cloudflare is blocking it. The url is * Thank you.

That is a mixed content error, your source code shows the image

the http will need to be replaced by https. This will need to be done via your site and not Cloudflare.

It is a WordPress site and your ‘tech person’ should be able to sort it! It can be fixed manually or by installing a plugin.

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Thank you.

Estoy con un problema similar. Ya encontre donde esta el error, solo que no se como entrar a corregir ese dato…o me puedes sugerir el plugin? Gracias

Which is being dicussed here:


Sorry, I wrote in Spanish and the translation was erroneous. My problem is about the mixed content, I must correct it and I do not know if I should change things on the page or download a plugin, they did not give me a simple solution. Thanks!

@vannabravo, if you can fix the URL manually, then it is better as plugins clog up sites a bit. If not, then you can search for mixed content fixing plugins on WordPress.

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