Cloudflare Error

Hi there , our website showing error #520 and error#525 when the cloudflare DNS Proxy is on,
at the same time when we turned off DNS Proxy its goeing back normaly and our website opens normaly!
1- we checked our firewall for ip blockage, we turn our firewall off but doesnt help
2- we cheked our Datacenter, changed datacenter but the problem still
3- we bought cloudflare bussiness plan as 20$ Monthly but dowsnt solved problem
4- Error #525 : SSL Handshake
5- Error #520 Webserver unknown error
6- Our server is dedicated root server not vps or shared hosting cpanel

we are using litespeed for web server
we bought sectigo ssl and isntalled on our cpanel server

Let’s start with the 525. This is caused by a bad configuration of SSL (or no SSL cert at all)

So, please do the following steps:

  1. Pause Cloudflare - You can do this at the bottom right of the dashboard
  2. Wait 10 mins
  3. Go to your website and confirm you’re connecting over HTTPS with a valid certificate
  4. Make sure your “Security Level” in Cloudflare is “Full (Strict)” (can set that here)
  5. Turn Cloudflare back on and confirm it works correctly

You likely will have an issue on step 3 which needs to be resolved. Once that is resolved move on to stop 4 and 5.

Then, if you still have the 520, that can be tackled.

thanks for reply, i tiried that but doesnt changed the result, now with the pauesed Cloudflare i have valid ssl certificate, you can check :

Hi @user7677 Cloudflare is not paused on your site, but the A and CNAME records are set to :grey:, click those to set them to :orange:, (proxied) On the SSL/TLS app, you have selected Full (Strict), that is great and what you want.

On the overview app for the zone, can you turn off under attack mode, proxy the two dns records, and visit your site? Are you seeing the 5xx errors you mentioned?

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