Cloudflare Analytics vs. Google Analytics


compliment from newbie here!

I found that the result Total Unique Visitors Last 24 Hours 659 is quite different from the Google Analytics Unique 15

The same yesterday and before. The number is quite different.

isn’t it weird?

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On first sight it can be weird, but if you take a look how Google Analytics and Cloudflare Analytics works, things are not weird anymore. :slight_smile:

Here’s the one document in help center from Damon which explains it: Why do my Cloudflare traffic numbers look different than other services (Google, Compete) as well as my own log files?

ps. you should open separate thread since it’s not the same as OP. :slight_smile:

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Move to a new topic. Thanks for @cyBerManIA for the link to the KB article. Many moons ago I was heavily focused on analytics for a different product/technology and counting thinks that seemed simple turned out to be insanely difficult.

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I never heard about using Cloudflare to see analytics for a website.

All the time with Google anlytics.

So essentially Google should be trusted more?

No. They just count different things. IF you think Google analytics is counting correctly and are disturbed by the fact our count doesn’t match, I recommend doing what I do when my check engine light comes on… put a piece of black electrical tape over it and the problem goes away.

Google analytics counts the number of times it’s script is invoked. There’s no way we can ever be more accurate about that than they can. And if that’s how you want to define a visitor there’s really no need to look anywhere else for alternate information is there?


Can we really compare the data ? aren’t they measuring in diferent ways ?

Cloudflare is more about request count and google is more about display of the page (js execution). In another world Cloudflare will include all traffic including bots and their definition of unique visitor is identified by IP address, while google exclude bots and applies behaviour analyses to rule out non-human visitors. There is a fair comparison here CloudFlare Visitor Stats Different Than Google Analytics? - Isotropic Design