Cloudflare Analytics VS Google Analytics



I am using Google analytics.

When I look at Cloudflare analytics, it shows daily unique visitors 3 times (3x) compared to Google analytics.

What could be wrong? Its either google analytics is blocked on most of the clients’ browsers or cloudflare analytics is counting bots, etc…


Here’s one possible reason:


According to Google Analytics, I get 1000 unique visitors. According to Cloudflare it is 3000 a day. 2/3 of my visitors are java disabled?

My site does not have a tech geek oriented content, therefore my visitors highly probable do not even know how to disable/enable javascript.


It’s quite likely that it’s bots/crawlers/blocked attackers hitting your site.


then, I should trust google analytics right?


That would be your best bet for analyzing your customers’ visits.


Hi there,

Sorry for hijacking your post. For some reason can’t create my own topic. Reason I chose this is our new server is asking for our unique site visitors from Cloudflare because Google Analytics has a different way of calculating site traffic.

We’re on the free tier right now. However, we need to find out our site traffic of unique visitors from the past months when we were on the free tier.

It was noted that it we move on to Pro we can have access to historical analytics. Will we be able to see the past months while we were on the free tier? Or would the data only start when we’re on Pro and we won’t be able to view the data from when we were on the free tier?

Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!