Cloudflare analytics plotting bug

I apologize in advance for listing this potential software bug in a public forum but I was not able to find a way to report a bug privately. I am viewing the Cloudflare Analytics for Unique Visitors in the Web Traffic section of Traffic Analytics for my website and the very last data point is frequently a “very low” value. Because what is being reported is Unique Visitors per hour, I believe that the hour is being incremented discretely but the Unique Visitors figure is essentially a continuous value. Therefore at the beginning of a new hour, even if I am averaging 100 visitors per hour, Cloudflare Analytics will frequently display a drop to 1 visitor per hour on the most recent data point. This is distracting because often I am most interested in what has happened in the most recent hour. One way to address this would be to switch to a plot of cumulative visitors over time for the day at a higher time resolution.

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