Cloudflare Access plan differences

I’m trying to figure out the correct plan to choose before the Sept 1 deadline, but can’t find any specifics about the difference between the “Teams Free” and “Teams Standard” plans as it relates to the Auth method.

We are currently using the G Suite authentication. Does that count as the “Social & Enterprise IdP Auth” under the “Teams Free” plan? Or does that push us into the “Teams Standard” plan because G Suite is classified as “Auth for automated services”?

We have under 50 users.

This might be the list that corresponds:

Thank you. I saw that, but it’s a little bit vague. G Suite is a “corporate” IdP. So does that count as “Enterprise IdP” or “Automated services”?

For 50 seats, it’s the difference between paying $0 a month vs $350 a month.

I know that G Suite was only available with “Access Premium” before the pandemic pricing went into effect, so I would expect it to continue to be part of the more expensive paid service once it ends on September 1; however, this is only my guess. I’d recommend opening a support ticket:

That should be “Enterprise IdP Auth” I believe. “Auth for automated services” is for non-human things to authenticate to Access, based on my understanding. As noted above, open a ticket for specifics relating to your particular situation.

Hi @user8684,

You still seem to get access to Enterprise IDPs like GSuite on the new free plan. There are some other differences like needing the paid plan for authenticating automated services and longer log retention.

That is my understanding, too.


Thanks all. I’ll open a ticket to confirm.

Hi @user8684,

Question regarding your planned usage of Access – “Automated services” in this case I believe refers to service tokens – so IdP accounts that may not have necessarily authenticate via the access login workflow.

Do you perchance know if these will be used for your use-case?