"Checking your browser before accessing" on loop


From 2 weeks ago the cloudflare websites have been “checking your browser” on loop.
It also happens on other devices / browsers, so it has to be my provider I assume.
I tried restart the router with no success.

How can I fix this?


Could it be related to some web browser cache in between?
If this is your website, may I ask have you tried clearing/purging Cache at Cloudflare dashboard and also clearing your Web browser cache?
Any differences after that?

Furthermore, have you got the Bot Fight Mode option or Browser Integrity Check option being enabled for your website(s)?
Do you have some Firewall Rules at Cloudflare dashboard or any other available security options configured? Does anything appear in Firewall events?

Are you visiting some specific URL address like the API requests or similar, or only your main domain like www.example.com?

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@fritex I believe he is just a regular visitor encountering the issue, but does not own any websites on Cloudflare.

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Yes I do not own a website, this issue is when I visit cloudflare websites.
And again it happens on every device on my network.


Are there any errors logged on the console (in Browser’s developer tools), is there anything that blocks requests, such as an adblocker/another browser extension or a ISP level block?


How do I check the developer tools?
I disabled adblocker and still the same issue.
Same thing happens on my phone/ipad.

It depends on browser, but if you’re using Chrome on Windows/Linux, you can try: “Ctrl + Shift + i” and switch to the “console” tab. There may an URL or something that the ISP/Network may be blocking…

On Firefox:

On Chrome:


That’s the browser console not the network tab, there should be a tab that says Network on both Chrome and Firefox

this is happening to me as well for the last 2 weeks. it’s happening on sites I’ve used for years and suddenly it just stopped working and gets stuck on a loop. if I use a vpn it allows me in, but it’s so bothersome to turn vpn on just for the sake of accessing 4 websites that were working fine before. I’ve tried flushing dns, clearing cookies and cache, changing my IP address, deleting the certificate… nothing worked so far. any other suggestions?

UPDATE: I managed to talk to one of the site’s owner, and after explaining the situation to him, he turned off javascript challenge on the site’s end,it started working afterwards. (for his site only though). obviously he wants to turn it back on eventually, but i need to find a solution for this for the remaining sites.

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