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I’m not a network person, but I recently installed cloudflare on for a client to speed her site up.

She is able to access gmail using IMAP on her pc without any problems. The issue is with access via her mobile phone and gets ‘cannot connect to server’. She has deleted the app and tried to connect again but still no luck.

I’ve told her to see if she can connect via wifi, but I think it is something to do with port numbers, which I am unsure about.

Apparently the set-up is correct on the A2hosting.

Any ideas or suggestions please ?



Any domain/subdomain used for email services (SMTP/IMAP/POP) can’t have an :orange: next to it in your DNS page at Cloudflare.

Is she using a subdomain for her mail server? Something like or
Or is she trying to connect to her main domain ( for IMAP?


There has the grey cloud next to her

I believe she has IMAP Port: 993 and SMTP Port: 465 set up.

We are in Australia and she is using Telstra if that helps…


You mentioned accessing “gmail.” Is that where she’s hosting her email? If you wouldn’t mind posting her email subdomain, that would help with troubleshooting.

Though, given that it works from her desktop, her phone settings are suspect.


I’m sure it is some strange issue between the phone and cloudflare.

She deleted and re-installed the gmail app. Her personal gmail coming through but still not working for her business emails.


I am not familiar with gmail for business, but this record points to the A2 server.

MX record too. So this has nothing to do with your Cloudflare setup IMHO


She has her domain email but it routes via gmail as some isp’s block domain level email.

She deleted the app and re-instated it. Still has the same error, but now there is also another error that says something like ‘There is a problem setting up security. The highest security may not be supported’

Not sure what the next step should be. :anguished:


Can you get the exact error messages or screenshots?
Did you

What do you mean with “routing through google” I don’t get it :thinking:



The problem has been sorted - thankfully !!

The main problem was that the client was trying to connect with one of her sub-gmail accounts and not the main one. Once she connected with the right email, all the emails from her main and sub emails came through.

One of the reasons why gmail is used is to stop emails going into spam. Gmail has an established credibility and is recognised whereas domain level email, certainly when just set up is more often marked as spam.

This article explains some of the reasons to use gmail.


Thanks for letting uns know :slight_smile: Glad to see it’s sorted.

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