Cache/Minify breaking script

Hello, Cloudflare seems to change 1 .toFixed to 1.toFixed causing it to break some scripts.


woul you mind providing an URL to a webpage, which gets broken by this and also the URL to the specific file which contains 1 .toFixed.


It’s the admin panel for Strapi v4, see this GitHub issue.

What I need is a direct URL for this particular JS file that breaks.
Add a query string to bypass the cache.

It is true, that changes once it is optimized by Cloudflare. This is a bug.

Please write a email to support [at] cloudflare [dot] com and post here the Ticket #ID you receive.

Am I supposed to get a ticket ID instantly or upon response, because I have not even gotten an automated email back?

Please wait a little, thanks. As soon as you receive it post it here and I escalate it internally, if I’m still available then.

Still no response…

May you have mistyped the email?


Have you checked the Spam folder?

I followed the GitHub issue and I agree with this post Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token (at main.f878bb6e.js:2:26089) · Issue #13167 · strapi/strapi · GitHub. As here ofc the root problem should be fixed. The problem occurs when minifying the JS file. But I don’t know if it is Cloudflare exclusve, or a general minification problem, which then should be treated differently. And lets not forget that minification can expose problems that has not been there before, like bad coding or missing: commas, semicolons etc.

So lets see where this goes and lets not prematurely take actions here if not sure what the root cause is.

Yep, checked every folder. IMO it doesn’t matter if the code is bad, Cloudflare shouldn’t break it anyhow.

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