Browser Isolation


We have a production network (VLAN) which strictly has not Internet access via an explicit Firewall rule ‘block everything’. This is because we undergo security audits and handle certain sensitive content.

We are now however allowed to provide a degree of Internet web browsing inside the production network, provided we use browser isolation.

I have the Warp client and browser isolation all setup and working on a network outside of our production network for testing purposes - this test network has Internet access.

My query here is that I will need to add a Firewall rule for the production network to only allow Cloudflare and the Isolated browser services. This can be via IP address(es) or URL etc - can anyone point me to a resource that confirms the scope of the rule to do this? Or provide a steer if they have done this?

Thanks in advance.


My question here is that I need to add a Firewall

The current IP ranges are documented here:

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