Apache reverse proxy not working


I have a website example.com and created a new blog site in another server. I tried reverse proxy in apache config to load the site https://example.com/blog/ like below,

ProxyPreserveHost On
ProxyPass /blog
ProxyPassReverse /blog

Its working fine when I disabling “Proxy” in DNS settings like below,

If I enable it site not working. It says “The requested URL /blog was not found on this server”

Please help to resolve this.


Does your apache server only listen on 443, or only on 80? Chances are, CF is trying to access your server at :80 when your reverse proxy is set up in the :443 vhost, or the other way around.

The port/connection CF uses is determined via the “SSL/TLS” tab SSL mode - Flexible means port 80/http, Full/Full Strict mean port 443/https. Try switching between those and see if it fixes it.

Thanks, Its worked.

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