Adjust Reverse Proxy settings

I am using wordpress and woocommerce.

Yesterday i tried to set up Nitro to help with page speed but got this error message

We detected your site is using Cloudflare. Please connect the Cloudflare integration in the settings for optimal compatibility.

Nitro are saying I need
URL for performing a complete purge
HTTP method when purging a single URL
HTTP method when purging the entire reverse proxy cache
List of IPs of reverse proxy servers. Format The port can be omitted in which case port 80 will be used
Where do I find this info
Thanks for your help

This actually is a privat link, which you can just view, if you have a Nitro account. So we cant really see what is written there.

Seems link Nitro wants to have your API credentials for Cloudflare, but since I cant view it I cant really tell.



Can be found in the API documentation:

Also: if you need support for using Nitro, please contact them. They should help you using their service, not Cloudflare. Or they at least should make it so easy to understand, that every of their customer can understand it.

Thank you so much. Yeah Nitro sent me to WP Engine and they sent me here so I’m getting the run around. They should be more helpful considering its a paid account :slight_smile:

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I just sent info to Nitro so Im waiting to hear back. Thanks

Feel welcome to keep this thread up to date so we can follow up.


After I sent Nitro your message they are asking for log in details so it looks like they are going to try and sort it out. fingers crossed. cheers

That sounds like a terrible idea, but I at least hope you check your Audit Log at and then change your Password and any API Keys when they’re done.

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