Testing Argo Performance

Thanks Ryan for replying but I already made a support ticket. I closed that ticket since it didn’t really go anywhere. The conclusion from support was that:

“you have almost all your website files aggressively cached, [so] there might not be a lot of request being sent to your origin to give you any meaningful stats.”


“For requests that are routed to your origin, it seems that they are optimized by Argo.”

My take on this is that I don’t get enough uncached requests (which currently stands at 62k per month) to let Argo (and the tiered cached feature of Argo) have a measurable impact on my site speed.

Which is not a problem, because I understand that’s how it works with a network as big as Cloudflare’s. Argo will probably help once my website gets more popular.

Anyhow, I was hoping that Argo with its tiered cache feature would behave something like an origin shield (that I mentioned earlier here) so that it would also help the blogs with modest traffic per month. But it doesn’t do that in my case, yet.