I just find that the challenge with captcha page for cloudflare service changed its provider from google’s recaptcha to hcaptcha.

IT SUCKED! I never met that many requests for me to solve the CAPTCHA at Google era.

Since most people use Chrome, for users’ experience, I strongly suggest you write a blog to explain why you migrate and how bad it is for end users.


I don’t really agree with you. Yesterday i hit with a captcha challenge from recaptcha on a cloudflare site. And ofcourse it fails by images vanishing into nothing (happens almost everytime). Since i failed i reloaded the page. This time hCaptch was shown to me. And the process was simple. And i reached the site faster…


hCaptcha loaded super slow and always difficult for me. for a simple test towards my users, it works like a ■■■■. they complaint too difficult to solve.


I don’t know more about it. Maybe cloudflare had partnered with them. And cloudflare should improve their performance too…

I completely agree with @kmahyygyyg , my CSR % dropped to 32% from 50%.

The internet connection in India are slow right now, so the hCaptcha takes forever to load and my users have started complaining that they can’t login.


Hi there, sorry to hear it’s slow for you!

hCaptcha requests and the images served are cached through Cloudflare, and we have local servers in India: it shouldn’t feel slower than Cloudflare or any local site. We also see normal latency for users in India.

If you don’t mind sharing which ISP you’re using, we can look into this further.


In fact, I do know you paid to cloudflare and some other site owner as worker for data labeling service.

Slow loading process can be mitigated by improving infrastructure.

But is this we really care at last? No, we care CSR rate. We don’t care what you do on captcha, BUT WE DO CARE WHAT OUR USERS EXPERIENCING. If we received multiple issues regarding the captcha and let the site owner benefits lost, will we continue to use this? No, of course not.

In fact, after I discovered this change yesterday, I immediately removed all captcha service offered by CF.

Google is not that good, but it is not that bad too, at least, it won’t make a barrier for my users.


:wave: @kmahyygyyg,

You shouldn’t. You should care about CSR by legitimate users. If your CSR is artificially high because bots have gotten better at solving one type of captcha that’s not a positive.

Since you stated the effectiveness of Google’s captcha wasn’t something you cared about, disabling captcha entirely is probably the right choice. Why ask your users to solve a captcha at all if not blocking bots or malicious scripts effectively isn’t important to your site.

— OG


I also agree, hCaptcha is really annoying. With google captcha I’d almost never have to complete the select images challenge, and if I did, the challenge would be easier and faster to complete, opposed to trying to spot all trucks in this set of pictures, going slowly through each to make sure, and then still getting rejected:


and then having the next page wait for you, while I’m trying to access the site quickly.

Seriously, my rate of receiving the images challenge from the google captcha was around 5%. With hCaptcha it’s been 100% so far.

Edit: here’s an even better example - can you see any bikes? Because I cannot



I’d like to follow-up on this topic -

My experience with hCaptcha so far has been horrible,
Let alone that I have to do the Captcha again almost for every single site, upon entrance. I actually have to do two stages, which I keep mistaking on due to the pictures being unclear and horribly taken. Unlike in ReCaptcha.

I don’t realize the point for this change, but fine. Just fix your issues, because unless this gets fixed soon I really expect many sites will drop Cloudflare.


Dear Cloudflare!

Please don’t listen to these folks and keep hCaptcha! In fact, you should get rid of ReCaptcha everywhere on Cloudflare such as login and use hCaptcha instead!

Companies like Google sell user data and hCaptcha is a great alternative. Privacy matters and Cloudflare as a privacy supporting company shouldn’t be using ReCaptcha anywhere!

I think people do not understand this. So many people stuck in the Google monopoly happily handing over all of their data to them, not because they don’t care about privacy, but purely because “everyone else uses that”. In fact Firefox is much faster than Chrome but most people use Chrome because it’s well advertised and they think “other people use it so it must be good”.

I found no issues with hCaptcha. Please keep it.



Agreed. PLEASE KEEP USING hCaptcha, ReCaptcha is piece of ■■■■ and at a times, it even takes me up to 5 minutes to complete it. Especially while using Tor Browser. hCaptcha is lovely alternative.

ReCaptcha is bullying most of it’s users on the internet, especially when the images slowly fades out, it drives humans crazy. They deserve little no place on the internet, no more reCaptcha.

And if you complete reCaptcha with ease, that’s probably because Google knows exactly who you are, and that’s what they want.


I have absolute no problems with hCaptcha. This change is great and I hope Cloudflare will keep this on. Just some website still seems to be on ReCaptcha and some hCaptcha. I wonder why? Some sort of analytics from Cloudflare?


I have image challenger in 90% in google captcha and they are ALWAYS much harder than these from hCaptcha.

Really funny cause it’s common in g captcha. Probably you don’t solve this challenge so often like me.



HCaptcha founder here. We have meager failure rates from human users. Can you please file a support ticket, and we’ll make sure that you are not a bot vendor, not a click farm, and that you always have a great experience with the HCaptcha?


i think this is now
Support us [Apkzm]

in slower server will HCaptcha loads faster? how good it is to use hcaptcha over google recaptcha for training related website in which we are storing so many recorded training related videos in the hosting server.

hCaptcha is terrible.

The images load slow, and I have to manually do it more than I had to do reCAPTCHA.

hCaptcha’s activities are unpredictable and complex.

hCaptcha loads ravenjs, which loads …why?!

hCaptcha is making cloudflare money by earning them Human Tokens (on the Ethereum blockchain).

Cloudflare never should have switched. This isn’t a better internet.


Sorry to say @dev48 I agree that Hcaptcha is a very terrible service, i m pretty sure your startup will collapse if you keep making the user experience of site visitors worse.


I do support this. That is what I am currently facing. And also, as site owner, I don’t permit cloudflare to make money in this way which might damage the original user of mine.

Those man whose said shouldn’t care CSR rate, @OliverGrant , I know how many percent is the true human user of my site. I can figure it out. So I care CSR.

For most general users like the father, mother of you and I. they won’t use TOR, they won’t do anything like bot, they also installed the antivirus software. THE MOST PEOPLE OF INTERNET IS THOSE GENERAL USER! NOT TOO-STRICT PRIVACY CARERs, NOT TOR USERs, and they are the same like us. DO STOP hCAPTCHA PLZ.

Most people do the convenience from Google CAPTCHA, although they sell some kind of info, but they won’t hurt you, they are commercial company, they need to make money. they are not charity. they make money by showing what might interests you, this might make your life better. So give the consideration of that, I choose Google.