ZyXel Routers and Cincinnati Bell ISP




I apologize if this has come up before, but my search didn’t turn up anything. I am trying to get my ISP issued router to utilize CloudFlare DNS servers. I have them set in my configuration, see attached screenshot, for both IPv4 and IPv6. I have tweaked all the settings I can. Though the published tool says I am talking to CloudFlare DNS, the router’s configuration page shows a Cincinnati Bell DNS still in place. I have tried renew/releases from the box, and have set everything relevant to manual configuration. I have attached another screenshot of the relevant configuration page information. I was just wondering if this is something that can be changed. If not, how to I absolutely verify I am pulling from the CloudFlare servers other than the tool as my external IP hasn’t changed?

Router model is VMG4381.



Screenshot 2.




First screenshot didn’t take, so deleted the reply and re-posted.


You already have a “tool” for it:



Yes, and I used said tool as linked, however my router is reporting differently if you look at the screenshot 2, which is from the configuration page of the router.


You could try the following dig:

$ dig ch txt version.cloudflare +short will return something like:

"Release Version: 2018.6.6"

Another resolver ( or for example) would return a servfail response. I’m not sure this is a totally conclusive test because I’m not sure if your router’s internal DNS proxy will successfully relay that query.


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