Zumba.com blocked My Wife's Uploades by cloudfare

Dear all,

My wife has been giving classes for the last 3 years and yesterday suddenly she could not upload the video as it says

Sorry, you have been blocked and you are unable to access zumba website

we have a Day ID and IP and we could not find a way to resolve this as we also try changing the IP and tried again but the result was same.

It says contact with the site owner and explain with the ID but also somewhee it says this will go away after 1 day could you please advice what we should do ?


Contact the site owner. Cloudflare provides a toolset to site owners to manage and protect their websites, they don’t configure the settings or have the ability to alter them on behalf of website users.

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Thank you so much,

What exactly should I say or do for the next steps?

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