ZTNA Tunnel very slow

Hi there, I’m having a problem with our Cloudflare ZTNA implementation and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

Applications (especially SMB based) applications seem very slow.

If I run an application that lives on an SMB share it takes up to 20 seconds to load, however if I turn off ZTNA / Cloudflare it loads instantly.

I’ve tested speeds between by Cloudflare Tunnel Daemon and the internet and my Cloudflare Tunnel Daemon and my LAN and the speeds are very fast.

I’m somewhat unsure how to proceed from here. Can anyone suggest further troubleshooting steps?

You have two different things for speed:

  1. Pipe/Bandwidth
  2. Latency

You can have big pipes between all connections, but you cannot get around latency. What is your latency while ZTNA is on to your file server? What is your latency from the tunneled server to Cloudflare? What is the combined latency? Storage protocols are very chatty and so by nature you will see a lag if latency goes beyond something like 8ms. You can also do some rough calculations with a frame size of 1500 bytes max and what latency will do to your speed.

This is a strong reason ZTNA needs the beacon feature so the client can split-tunnel to your file server if you’re on the same network that has a route to it.