ZTN Tunnel unix socket can be reached via http but not https

Let me demonstrate the issue using several ingress rules for cloudflared tunnel:

  - hostname: sub1.my.domain
    # this can be reached with http://sub1.my.domain, but not https (error 526)
    service: unix:/tmp/sockets/socket1
  - hostname: sub2.my.domain
    # this can't be reached in either way
    service: unix+tls:/tmp/sockets/socket1
  - hostname: sub3.my.domain
    # this can be reached both as http and as https without problems
    service: http://localhost:8000

So my goal is to have unix socket reachable with https. Is it possible?

According to the docs, it is a supported protocol


According to the docs, it is a supported protocol

yes, my question is why https connection does not work for it?

ok, turned out my problem was in wrong setup of split-tunnel, which applied to only some of subdomains.

After fixing that I now have https on unix domain sockets too!