ZScaler Proxy IP-address blacklisted

Our company uses ZScaler ZIA to access the internet. We just found out that Cloudflare is blacklisting the whole range in Belgium.

How can we request that the ip-range is being whitelisted ?


What makes you think that Cloudflare is blacklisting it?

The IP might have a bad reputation picked up by a customer’s configured security level, but Cloudflare doesn’t outright block any IPs on its own.

Well, it is written in the browser error message that Cloudflare has blocked the ip-address


A user of Cloudflare has used Cloudflare to block the IP address - only the website owner can change their rules to allow you.

Thanks Kian,

You believe a single website owner can administer this and unblock? All right then we’ll approach him again.


Hey Kian,

I just got word, that also Microsoft-Services are affected. They use also Cloudflare. Can you please check it once more?


Provide them with that ray ID & they can search the event log on https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/security to see which of their rules affected you.

Fyi i block zscaler asn range on my sites, if i do many others would, Cloudflare is not to blame, sadly sign of the times i am sorry to say.

Many are blocking the asn ranges, including microsoft as you mentioned, amazon, google cloud, data centers, cloud companies though not many would target zscaler, i only did it after one month of challenges with each day having 0.5% to 0 pass rate, pretty bad.