Hi, everyone. Is this safe?

Path: /xmlrpc.php
User agent: ZoominfoBot (zoominfobot at zoominfo dot com)


Thank you for asking.

I have to admit I saw that kind of type of requests before, and I blocked them using a Firewall Rule where uri path contains xmlrpc.php in general.

Otherwise, if some of your WordPress plugins or mobile app depend on the xmlrpc.php requests, you could adjust your Firewall Rule and block those kind of requests like if user-agent contains zoominfo.

I’d say there are quite a lot of requests, usually crawlers and scrapers, bots, coming to the xmlrpc.php do to some harm to our Websites as back in past it was possible to DDoS a WordPress website by xmlrpc.php.

I’d rather keep them at the distance, blocked.

More info about this kind of a user-agent / bot:

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