/zones/id/rulesets does not return manually created Single Redirect


I have a domain where I have created a Redirect Rule (Single Redirects) manually in the CF UI (https://dash.cloudflare.com/xxx/ddddd/rules/redirect-rules). It takes “All incoming requests” and has a static redirect to another domain. This works nicely.

As per List zone ruleset API docs, I can retrieve the rule, but it only returns 4 entires - none of which are the one I manually created:

  1. Cloudflare Normalization Ruleset
  2. Cloudflare Managed Free Ruleset
  3. DDoS L7 ruleset
  4. default

Further, the ‘rules’ property is missing on each entry, even though it is demonstrated on that doc page.

The CF UI doesn’t have the API hints at the bottom of the section so no help there.

Could someone kindly help me work out what I am doing wrong?

Much appreciated