Zonefile moved without owners knowledge

Hi All,
I’m flying blind a bit here.
I have a client who has had a few different webdevs over the last few years and someone has moved her zonefile to a Cloudflare account.
I have tried a domain name recovery, but it says it will send an email but we dont recieve one,
I have tried fher email address recovery some result.
I cannot seem to find a way of asking Cloudflare themselves without a paid support subscription.
Her domain is
Does anyone have any clever ideas as to how i can work out the details of this?
All help gratefully accepted.


It is most likely being sent to the

That comes up frequently :search: here. Best option is to figure out which developer did that, you can narrow that down by figuring out who was working on the site around the time the nameservers were changed to Cloudflare, that appears to be 6 months ago

Short of figuring out who made the change and coordinating moving that to an account your client can control, you’d want her to add it to an account she controls and then change the nameservers to the two in that account. In that way, she’ll never face a similar lockout issue.

That’s ok, 70% of posts here get a correct reply in less than an hour, we’re here to help.

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