Zonecheck fail - Unable to add Cloudflare nameservers


Our registrar doesn’t allow to add the cloudflare nameservers and upon contacting them they told us that the issue is at cloudflare level and provided the following zonecheck report :

According to the registrar, cloudflare DNS fails to comply with the requirements for DNS servers .

Personally I have added quite a few domains to cloudflare and never saw this happening before but the registrar enforces there is nothing they can do on their side .

Is this really some issue at cloudflare level ? How can this be fixed ?


Any chance you’ve got a typo, or haven’t yet added the zone to Cloudflare? I’m getting a REFUSED status when I ask Cloudflare’s nameservers about the domain.

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Sorry, yes that’s a typo indeed .

This is the correct zonecheck url :

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