Zone was deleted, but I didn't do this

Hi. I got a notification that a zone was deleted, but site is still up. Not sure what’s happening here or if I should take action. Thanks.

I’d suggest you to change your password, and preferably also enable two-factor authentication (2FA).

Check the Audit Log page, to figure out who/what is making the changes:

Check the "Members page, to see if you’re letting others access your account:

Check the “API Tokens” page, to see if there are any tokens you don’t use or otherwise know about:

Depending on how long from the notification towards your test of the site, it could possibly be temporary, i.e. something that would stop working at some time soon.

I would verify, especially with other people that may (legitimately) have access to administer your domains, whether or not that they have legitimately done any changes.

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Here are some steps you should check:

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