Zone Transfered Failed

There seems to have been zone transfer failure to convert back to our hosting company for the domain, We need it converted back to the hosting company because the hosting company can seems to have confusion pulling up the subdomains for We had recently propagated to Cloudflare Please help…

Cloudflare, like most DNS provisers, prohibits zone transfers since it can be used to find hidden subdomains that a webmaster may not want known to the public. See if you can manually provide a list of subdomains to your hosting provider.

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I have already given a list of 10 sub domains that are not able to be pulled up online, because of the zone transfer failure. The hosting company is not able to pull up the sub domains because of the zone transfer failure.

we can’t even login to the the wordpress admin because the site won’t show up. which is a big problem. The hosting company seems to have confusion over the zone transfer of the sub domains after we propagated to cloud flare recently. The website was restored back to before the subdomains were created and we tried to restore it back to when it was created and then change the name server back to the hosting company and make a record but the subdomain still doesn’t show up. I have noticed it is because of zone transfer failure.

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