Zone Tags (aka labels)

Managing a large number of domains could be made easier by zone tags.

A zone tag would be a user-defined string that could be applied to one or more zones. A zone could have zero or more tags.

In the UI, zone tags would be used to filter zones. A tag would appear in the UI on each zone tagged with it, under the “Websites” list. The “Overview” screen could get a new input box to create a new — or select an existing — zone tag.

In the API, “List Zones” would accept a new optional parameter called “tag” which would be an additional key to match on. A zone’s tags would be included in the API’s query results for “List Zones”. New API commands could be added for “Add Zone Tag”. “Remove Zone Tag”, and “List Zone Tags”.

Zone tags no longer in use could be automatically deleted.

Essentially this is the same feature as Namecheap’s domain labels, just far more useful because it’d be on Cloudflare.