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I received an email from Cloudflare a few minutes ago

Cloudflare has deactivated your website [xxxxxx] from our network for a possible violation of our Terms of Service.

Your visitors will be routed directly to your origin server, where your website is hosted, and will not
receive any performance and security benefits from Cloudflare. Cloudflare’s Terms of Service are
available at

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

Thank you for using Cloudflare.
The Cloudflare Team
P.S. This is an automatic notification; replies to this email are not monitored or answered."

They didnt explain what violation so I can guess one of these 2 things.

  1. There is a company that send enormous number of bogus DMCA notices against my website, All my contents is legal, But they probably send these automatically and they dont bother white listing my website. I have explained it to my hosting and they ignore the reports. But maybe they send to cloudflare as well and they deactivated my website on their platform.

  2. My website is pretty high load and it receives around 80K visitor daily and 700K page views.
    Since I am on free plan and my usage may has passed the free limit they may have decided to shut me down.
    I will happily upgrade to pro version if thats the case.

At this moment my website has issues on loading due to servers loads and SSL. I was using cloudflare SSL on my servers and since cloudflare suspend my website, The website doesnt load my contents which are behind SSL.

Unfortunately today is saturday and I dont know how fast cloudflare support will response to me.

I have sent email to both Abuse and Support.



It won’t be due to #2, as there are no limits on free plans.

As it’s an Abuse issue, it’ll take a bit for them to take a closer look at your case. There’s no way to rush it along. Did you get some sort of case number in a reply to your email?


I personally have ~1.3M hits a day ever since I joined (1.5 months) and my service was not terminated, FYI.

There’s no reason your server won’t be able to handle 700K page views a day; On average it’s about 8 requests per second… with caching at the relevant places, this should not be a problem for a modern server, IMHO.


You got some sort of warning about this level of traffic? Tell me more. :hushed:


No, that was my point - that if I didn’t get a warning on my level of usage, surely on his lower level, it’s not not likely someone would have said anything. Oh, and I’m on the free package.

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Abuse department contacted me, It was actually number 2.

This is the response:

Hi there
Your domain was routed off the Cloudflare platform for violations of our Terms of Service viewable at Specifically, the purpose of Cloudflare’s Service is to proxy web content, not store data. Using an account primarily as an online storage space, including the storage or caching of a disproportionate percentage of pictures, movies, audio files, or other non-HTML content, is prohibited.
As such, your website has been routed off the Cloudflare platform.
Kruthi Narayana
Support Engineer | Cloudflare

So absolutely its not unlimited.
I am still talking with abuse and support, I will update the case when I hear from them.
On this case I had 61% of cache traffic from images. I never received a warning about it, They just suspend my account straightly.


@sdayman is still correct. Your #2 was traffic numbers. It was not suspended due to high traffic. There is nothing more the community can do. Please just keep with your conversation with support.

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Hi Shimi,

Hits and page views are different things, a page view can generate several hits. so in my case on average every page view had ~70 hits, The total hits would be ~50M hits per day.

My website gain traffic pretty fast and the traffic double/triple in a month. The cache bandwidth on last month was around 7-8 TB. Cloudflare never mentioned How much is too much. 7-8 TB can be massive for a small blog and peanut for a big website.

If cloudflare mention for example on free plan you will get 1TB cache bandwidth that would be fine and I will not go above the limit, They didnt mention how many percentage of your page can be images as well. In my case 61% of bandwidth goes to images and they suspended me because of this.


I see. I thought you were quoting from Cloudflare’s stats, where there are only hits. Anyway, there are no limits, that’s the common belief. The difference in plans is with services offered, more than resources consumed. Where there are exceptions, those are usually for Pay-as-you-go services, then there’s a quoted price for GB/mo. etc.

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