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We have 40+ subdomains, that need to be plased to Cloudflare service. But if accidentally add to the registrar some not Cloudflare NS, all our domains remove from Cloudflare and shutting down… it hurts! How we can avoid this? Can Business plan help us to avoid this problem? 200$ price for each subdomain (domain not in Cloudflare)?

Is your question what happens when you change the nameservers of a domain under a Cloudflare account?

No. Why if we change 1 NS to 1 subdomain in ns-regisrator, Cloudflare remove ALL zones? Can Business plan help us?

I am not quite sure what your question is. Can you rephrase it and provide an example? What is “1 NS to 1 subdomain”? Cloudflare will only drop zones if you switch away from the assigned nameservers and dont react in time.

we have domain, and registrer account, where we can add NS information for each subdomain (like Cloudflare NS-records), and we have Cloudflare warning:

Zone Removal
When you sign up for your Cloudflare account, we provide you with two name servers that will be used for all the zones you add to your account. Some registrars will provide you with more than two name servers, however, it is important to use only the two provided in your Cloudflare dashboard. Otherwise, your site will not become active, or your zone will be removed from your account. Our automated system looks for you to only have our name servers assigned in order to validate your zone properly.

Another issue that can result in a zone deletion, is if your registrar is not propagating your name servers for a period of time. If you see that your name servers are set to only the Cloudflare name servers, please check with your registrar to see if they are having any propagation issues.

Why We Do This
By using additional name servers in addition to the two Cloudflare provided ones, you create an inconsistent routing experience. Since name servers are used to provide routing information, it’s possible that some traffic would occasionally route to your origin outside of Cloudflare. Further, this means that the DNS records would need to be managed with your Cloudflare dashboard, as well as with your registrar to ensure that all of your visitors are hitting the same site. This creates a lot of issues for your visitors, and your metrics.

But we dont understand, why removed ALL zones from Cloudflare account, for ALL subdomains

Precisely, as mentioned earlier you need to have the assigned nameservers set for your domain. As long as that is given there wont be any issues.

If you change nameservers Cloudflare will notify you and eventually remove that very zone, not all.

Zone, you mean, domain+subdomains, or only one subdomain, which have 2 Cloudflare NS, and one addition (for example)?

A Cloudflare zone is clearly defined as being the immediate level after a public domain. Generally, either second or third level.

What is the problem you are having?

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Ok, this means that adding an extra entry to any subdomain will delete the entire zone? Right?

Thanks for the prompt response and explanation.
Also, can you tell me, on Business plan 200$ price for one domain+all subdomains?

If you add a record to a zone, that record will naturally also disappear if its zone disappears.

As for the business plan, yes that will include the domain and all its records.

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Can Business plan help to tune NS for subdomains, split traffic, or help us with subdomain settings?

You have all of that at

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