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Got this message when uploading a custom SSL certificate:

Note: Zone is not yet active on Cloudflare

Custom certificates are automatically deleted from Cloudflare at 1:00 AM GMT+1 for zones that are not yet active. If you do not activate your zone by 1:00 AM GMT+1, you will need to re-upload the custom certificate.

How do you activate the zone? Where can I read more about this?

Thank you
/Fredrik and Per


The zone would be active if you’re using Cloudflare’s name servers. This would show up in your domain’s WHOIS information. If you post the domain name, we can take a look for you.


We get this on our domain
" Some domains cannot be transferred to Cloudflare Registrar. If you registered, transferred, or modified the contact information on a domain in the last 60 days, we cannot transfer yet. In other cases, we do not yet support the TLD. We’re constantly working to improve that list, though. Check back soon.


Not an active zone

We changed the name servers to the specified name servers.


What is your domain?


Maybe we have to wait for up to 24 h as it is stated on another page?


Your domain does not point to Cloudflare at the moment. If you dont change the nameservers at your registrar Cloudflare will eventually deactivate the domain in your account.


We change the nameservers for 30min ago.
Had to take some precautions before we changed it today though.


This is visible in your whois, but the registry still isnt announcing it yet on a DNS level. That might take some time, if it still does not work in 24 hours I’d contact the registrar or the registry.

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Alright, then we have to wait and everything is “Normal” at this state?


The registry seems to announce the changed nameservers at this point. So it should be okay now.

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