Zone Lockout feature prevents me from logging in


I have my login url protected by Cloudflare’s “Zone Lockout” feature with my ip whitelisted. However, I get a 403 page showing I’m trying to login using a cloudflare ip. Additionally, many of the comments left on my posts now have cloudflare ip’s, rather than the posters true ip. I host through hostgator, and have read that the true ip’s should show when using a certified partner, that mod cloudflare wasn’t needed. Has something changed? Thank you.


Have you contacted your host about that?


No. There is a cloudflare plugin in cpanel just like when I first started using cloudflare and it remains activated.


That doesnt affect the IP addresses though, does it? Your host would need to clarify that.


Okay, this is what I found elsewhere in community.

  1. You can’t install mod_cloudflare to restore true ip addresses on shared hosting accounts.
  2. You don’t need to do this if your hosting company is a certified or optimized cloudflare partner.
  3. However, cloudflare did provide a list of “partner” hosting companies in the past, but multiple searches has not turned up anything in August 2018.

I’m searching for a new hosting company for new projects, so a list of certified and optimized (for cloudflare’s railgun) partners would be very helpful.

There is a wordpress cloudflare plugin that you need to put your CF API in to get it to work. Does anyone know if that would restore visitor ip’s? Thank you.