Zone Lockdown rules still active after downgrade

I downgraded my account from pro to free a few months ago. Today I noticed that a zone lockdown rule (only available to pro subscribers) I put in place while I had pro is still applying to my account. I cannot remove it now since I’m no longer on the pro tier. How do I remove this zone lockdown rule.

PS. I tried to contact support, but that’s only available in Pro subscriptions. Maybe anyone from support here to help?

Do you have a ticket number or none was given to you?

You could try with an API call… it shouldn’t work, but trying doesn’t hurt.

Hi Matteo,

Thanks, I’m didn’t find any way to open a ticket. I will try the api, but I fear the worst.

If the API fails do let me know, I will escalate from my end, but it might take some time for it to be looked at depending on staff availability.

Hi there,

this is Blake with the Support team.

Were you able to remove the rule/s with the Api?

Our engineering team is aware of this type of issue and the issue will be resolved in the future.


Hi Blake, haven’t found the time yet. I will try tomorrow and let you know.

Hi Matteo and Blake,

I managed to remove the rule with the API. Thanks for pointing this out.


Glad to hear this!!!