Zone lockdown priority missing from API docs?

For zone lockdown rules, there is a “Priority” field, but it’s not mentioned anywhere in the API docs:

Was this just an oversight or is this field not officially supported by the API?

Also, we are in the process of setting up Terraform for our Cloudflare configuration and the ‘priority’ field is not available in the Terraform provider. What is the proper solution here? I could fork the terraform-provider-Cloudflare repo and add this field, and submit a PR for it, but I’m not sure I should do that for an undocumented field…


I’ve passed this feedback to the team and I’ll let you know what I hear back. Thank you and very sorry for the ambiguity.

Hello, same issue here

The priority field is still not documented,
But it is still working if we add it in the POST query to create lockdown rule.

Could you please tell us if we can rely on this field to automatize our zone lockdown.

Just like mbrowne, if you document this field, I’ll be happy to do a PR to implement it in cloudflare terraform provider.


:wave: @yannick.lorenzati,

You should just use regular firewall rules as opposed to zone lockdown rules. The logic available in zone lockdown is/was an early version of what firewall rules supports and long term is a better strategy for management.

— OG

I created a PR in the Cloudflare Terraform provider for this last August and it was merged already (also in August). If you’re still on an older version, all you should need to do to use it is update your cloudflare provider version. See also

I guess the Cloudflare team never got around to fully updating the docs, but I see “Priority” listed as a field at least for “List Lockdown Rules” now (just not specifically mentioned in the docs for create/update). In any case, you can safely use it.

I haven’t looked into the new/improved firewall rules so I can’t comment on what Oliver wrote, but I would look into that as well.