Zone Lockdown Freeze my web browser


Hi, when I try to configure or change the configuration of the zone lockdown rules, the web browser freezes and I can not continue. I have to close the browser and start over again. Thus I am not able to configure this feature. Somebody can help me?


I just matched your screenshot’s progress and it didn’t lock up. Latest Safari on latest MacOS.

I can only suggest 1) Clear all of your browser data, and 2) Try a different browser.

One of those two options may help narrow down the issue.


Same thing with Chrome.
I use Ubuntu Linux and both Firefox and Chrome are experiencing the same error.

Cleared the history, cache and everything.


I guess it’s time to open a Support Ticket. Don’t forget to let them know which Ubuntu setup you have.


Thank you. Do you know where I am able to open a ticket to CloudFlare support?


You can contact support: Login & go to


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